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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Agencies!

Just an announcement I just got picked up by four new agencies!

Drum role please............

for a total number of 10 agencies!

Follow the dark path...........

Some of those who know me well are aware of my dark side. Well this week has been tough for me, so Ian and I decided to let that darkness out. Also my collective works video is finally finished. I am proud of the work that I have done over the last few years so please take a moment to check it out and please as always, leave me a comment!


Photographer, my love: Ian Nathaniel

Friday, February 19, 2010



Disabled AGAIN from FACEBOOK :(

Well it seems that once AGAIN my facebook profile has been disabled.

Seems that trying to succeed in the St. Louis entertainment industry is all about facebook wars nowadays, trying to ban you for either being good at promoting or for having a body, and listing you on the dirty.

In defense I quote from Maino & Tpain on this one

'All the Above"

Here is the Ashley Salazar version:

It's easy to hate,
It's harder to love me
Ya'll don't understand,
Ya'll quickly to judge me
Put your foot in my heels and combat boots,
Picture you livin' my life,
Picture you stuck in a broken family,
The oldest of five,
Mother to all, child to none
Picture you wasting your life,
Thought I married for love,
Only to be abused and used
Picture you facing that child,
Trying to make it work for her
Picture you beating the odds,
Now taking it out in the cage
Military Veteran
Yes, I carried those caskets
Helped countless discover and beat Breast Cancer
Picture you willing to bleed,
Always red roses when that bastard was sorry
Picture you wearing the scar
I have them to prove it
I found my way out of that pain in my writing,
the etching on my own back
Thank you for making me struggle,
Thank you for making me grind
I perfected my hustle,
when you disable and list me on the dirty
call me a whore, say I don't love my child
Tell me the world ain't mine
My daughter is my # 1 fan
as I am hers
You've been seein' me lately,
I'm a miracle baby
Getting those Magazine Tare Sheets and Cover offers now everyday,
Being the female lead in that movie,
Making that money for my baby girl,
Running this town in promotions
One day that little girl will be the next top fashion designer in the world
I refuse to lose
This what the world hate has done made me
I'd put that on my father's
Except they aren't there
Being that mother mine never was to me,
Tryna hope for tomorrow
When I think that I can't,
I envision a life with out pain,
I envision the of joy,
I envision being at peace
If the world was perfect,
All lose who love me behind me
Ain't you happy I makin it?
That I'm making a statement?
Take a look and you can tell
That I'm destined for greatness