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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last radio interviews of 2010, & coverage of Playboys Miss Social Competition

Here are links to my last two radio interviews for 2010. Happy New Year everyone!!

Promoting for Playboy's Miss Social live on 590 KFNS St. Louis & Blog Talk Radio "Sin City Sessions" out of Las Vegas




Follow up video for Playboy's Miss Social contest for my fans, friends & family.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So, I was browsing on the internet when I came across this you tuber's video channel. I really feel that people need to stop hate language against gay's, lesbians and bi-sexual. I believe everyone is created equal and deserves their chance at love whenever whom it is that they have a relationship with. Please take a time to look at these videos and repost if you agree!

Winter Wonderland Nude

So yesterday I spent several hours shooting in the snow working for a client. Yes, I froze my little butt off but I will do just about anything to get a good shot. Here is little sneak peak from my shoot that I woke up to in my inbox this morning :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010 - Model Watch - So, who is Ashley Salazar?

So, who is Ashley Salazar? Well it turns out this beauty is a model but is also a photographer in her spare time. Boasting Salazar Photographics in the Illinois area. Book Ashley for her gifted model looks or talented photographic style. You can contact her via her web site: ashleysalazar.net

Check out this full press release here:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Distraction: Ashley Salazar

Random blog post that I came across online about me, enjoy!

Ashley Salazar kicking butt in modeling and more

Mega babe Ashley Salazar is a multimedia beast. Besides
being a model that takes pictures you can’t stop looking
at, she’s an actress, in B-movies, fine, like Farm.

read this blog entry here: 

New Pics from Chicago

Thunderdome Bike

Most recent book covers!

Here are my most recent book covers from my work with Hot Damn Designs!



This was one of my very first TV and Internet commercials.

O'Nasty - Steal Your Mind ft. White Out - Switch to 1080p for High Def!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have been blogging now for One Model Place for about two weeks. Here is my latest blog entry in my "Ask Ashley" column.

Dear Ashley,

If I am working with a model and a makeup artist, should I ask the MUA to sign a model release or have something special for them?

Here is my response:


Release's are a topic that both a model and photographer should familiarize themselves with earlier in their careers to avoid any future disastrous situations. The model release is a legal document signed by the subject of a photograph to grant permission of publishing. Currently in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals there is a hot debate whenever or not "publishing" actually is defined to even putting a picture up on the web like your website or even places like facebook/twitter without a signed release which can result in civil liability for whoever publishes the photograph. So as you can see releases are very important to the daily life of a model or photographer.

The basic types of releases you should have on the go fly are 1. adult release (TFP & client) 2. minor release (TFP & client) 3. Group (TFP & client). Now within the those three you can vary to granting usage rights for print, web, publishing, profit or distribution to fit the needs or you and whomever you are photographing. I suggest that prior to shooting you discuss with your client or your TFP muse for the day so when it comes time for signing their is no hesitation or misunderstanding and if need be re-detail the release once the shoot is complete if any extreme variations have taken place. Ask them if they have signed release's before, you'd be surprised as many models have not or do not understand what it is they are signing. Don't forget if you are shooting nudes to grab a copy of ID or snap a close up of it with your camera. This is a great point to handle the transaction of money by marking the end of the shoot. 

When shooting with models you don't want to forget your creative team by falling short on not giving a release to the make up artists, hair stylists, body paint artists, stylists, designers and possible venues that make some shoots even possible. Do you want them to be able to submit your work for publication? Do you want them to be able to print the pictures? What about use for their website? Can they sell the images and vice versa? What size images are you giving them? Web size or high resolution? Will they have logos? All of these possible questions should be address in any TFP shoot. 

** Special note to models, as a model myself I believe that anytime you are doing TFP you should own 50% of the rights to the images and usage rights for publication. Also, are you satisfied with websize and logos or high resolution. I can personally contest to missing out on a major magazine print feature because of shooting once with a photographer and not having high resolution images non logo'd. Once the photographer learned the magazine wanted to publish their images they wanted the magazine to pay them. It was extremely unfair to me as a model because verbally we had agreed to both own the rights for publication yet without a release I was stuck without the taresheet.

These are just the basic's but if anyone has more questions about releases or help putting one together may contact me for more on this topic!

Tis the Season..

Happy Holidays to all my fans! Hope you enjoy these as much as I did shooting them!!