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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ask Ashley — New Year Resolutions for Models and Photographers

“Ask Ashley” is an advice column by Ashley Salazar, who is a veteran both in front of the camera(OMP Model #371407) as well as behind it (OMP Member #231727). OMP models and members are welcome to leave her questions regarding any aspects of OneModelPlace.com or the industry in general, either here in the comments section or via email at suggestions@onemodelplace.com.
We want to wish everyone at OneModelPlace.com a very happy new year. To help kickstart your 2011, here are some suggestions for OMP models and photographers!
New Year Resolutions for Models:
1. Try a photo shoot idea or concept that you have never done (for example, if you’re afraid of heights, try something to overcome your fear).
2. Change your look completely (like cutting or coloring your hair).
3. Invest in a new wardrobe.
4. Work with new photographers.
5. Find a photographer who is willing to shoot you in the snow (if you can, climate permitting).
New Year Resolutions for Photographers:
1. Scout new locations for shooting.
2. Become more organized, and back up all your photos.
3. Invest in new props and wardrobe items for your models.
4. Explore new techniques (try different angles, lighting and editing).
5. Find a model who is willing to shoot in the snow (if you can, climate permitting)
Now go out and challenge yourself — the rewards will definitely pay off! Happy New Year!
– Ashley

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